Gas carriers LNG RIVERS  & LNG SOKOTO  in dry dock in Brest.
Visiting the ship :
Large and well lit bridge, with tilted windows preventing any disturbing reflections..
The now usual equipment on navigation bridges, with digital charts, and radio station.
Ship-shape galley, all in stainless steel.
Officers' dining room
Crew mess
A seaman's cabin with individual toilet
and fridge.
This large office is used for administration works. One computer is dedicated to crew mail. Each one has his own address and type here his mail.
The CCR with an enormous desk where everything
can be monitored and controlled.
Cargo pipes diagram.
Tank gauging monitor Saab.
This monitor shows the valves,
which can be operated from here.
Here one can see the condition of cargo pumps and piping.
The deck seen from CCR, which is located on the sixth level above deck, higher than the top of cargo tanks.
Under the main deck, all along the ship, this alley shelters various pipes,
including the foam fire fighting system.
Compressors deliver to the boilers, after warming, the gas evaporating
from the cargo, called "boil off".