Gas carriers  LNG RIVERS  & LNG SOKOTO  in dry dock in Brest.
Engine room visit :      
The chief engineer at his desk.
The Engine Control Room, where all controls are located together with a monitor connected to a series of cameras.
Here it is monitoring what is getting out of the funnel during boilers adjustment.
Looking forward,
shaft and reducing gear.
Periodical survey of turbines and reducing gears.
Thrust bearing.
Cooling system.
Two turbo generators supply electric power. Steam enters at 60 bars and exits near zero bar through these enormous valves, to the main condenser,
located below the turbines and reducing gear. One of the generator turbine is open for periodical survey.
Two diesel generators can supply electric power
when the boilers are not in operation.
Main condenser open, showing thousands of tubes.
Cleaning the smaller
auxiliary condenser
The class surveyor checks and logs
all periodical surveys.
Inert gas plant, producing gas from the boilers exhaust.
Large workshop.
Gas from the cargo tanks, supplied to the boilers
Steering gear.
Bilge water separator.
Fresh water supply plant
Sludge incinerator.
title page
bridge and cargo
Questions, comments.
High resolution pictures on request here
a walk on deck
cargo tanks